Vertical Jump Training: What it is and how to do it!

Vertical Jump Training: What it is and how to do it!

Trying to find effective workouts that you can do at home can be very time consuming, a bit of a hassle, and pretty annoying, especially if you are crunched for time. But if you are serious about trying to lose weight and be fit, then you should definitely try vertical jump training.

Proper exercise is must

This training is especially beneficial for athletes because it increases not only their fitness level, but their strength, speed and over all power as well. Of course anyone can try this workout, but as with any other type of exercise, be sure to stretch your muscles and be mindful of your body. Make sure to ease into what you are about to do. You definitely do not want to pull a muscle or hurt yourself in anyway, because seriously, who wants to injure themselves during exercise?

This training is also very beneficial in weight loss and has helped some shed a few pounds within weeks with a healthy diet to go along. Nothing works unless you try it, so get out your work out gear and let’s try some vertical jumps!

Some techniques on how to increase vertical jumps

In order to get the best results in training you have to train specific muscles for power and strength to achieve a good vertical jump. This will help to make the training more beneficial for you and you will start seeing better results sooner.

Technically improvement

  1. You can do some traditional weight training, which is good because it incorporates squats, lunges, leg presses and toe raises for you to do. These will help you to improve your body and you will have much more power and focus. I recently learned that power is described as a combination of strength and speed, making this exercise effective on how to increase a vertical jump.

2. You can also do some of the dynamic weights training. For example, the jump squat. When doing this exercise, lighter loads are being used, causing the resistance to accelerate through full range of motion. This works out your thighs and buttocks area as well, giving you more of a spring to increase your jump height.\

3. Plyometric training is a very common training method used by coaches and athletes, etc. The reason for that is because it is supposed to “bridge the gap between strength and speed”, meaning it helps your legs push to push yourself up higher during your vertical jump.This training includes a lot of jump exercises, which are very beneficial for the vertical jump exercises we will be doing. To find some good jump exercises to do, you can google online or simply check on some vertical jump programs to help show you how and what to do.

4. Before you start your training though, you should be sure to completely stretch all of your muscles. Especially your legs, to assure you don’t pull a muscle anywhere or harm yourself during exercise. Stretching is very easy and beneficial to do. Also, there are a lot of different vertical jump training exercise equipment that you could buy if you choose to exercise at home like I do.

5. You can check out  sporting goods stores such as Amazon, Walmart Super-centers or even the Google store. There are plenty of different places you can find the equipment, but I would advise you to do your research on price differences, to assure that you get the best deals offered.A good way to keep track of your results during your training is to do some training.

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How to test yourself

 To see more effective results, you should test yourself in the beginning before you start training, and continually test yourself each week as you make progress. If you are trying your vertical jump test at home, all you have to do is just find a high wall that is preferably outside, although it can be inside as well. Stands it’s your side on to the wall, then reach up as high as you can with your hand that is closest to the wall.

Training is the key

  • Training methods: Keep note of how far you reached by using a piece of chalk or marker.Afterwards, create some space between you and the same wall, then jump as high as you can using both your arms and your legs to increase your skill.
  • Ways to do: What you are attempting to do, is reach above the mark you made the first time while standing. Make sure to take note of where your hand reached during the jump. Last but not least, measure the distance from your standing reach height to your jumping reach height and that will tell you your result.

Keep a journal of your results

 This includes weight loss, weight gain, and your jump distances, etc. It is really beneficial to keep track of all of these things that way you can keep up with everything. It also helps you to be more confident and to continue towards your goals. I found that before, when I tried to lose weight without having a journal I did not get much results. This last time, I decided to try the journal, and I have lost around 30 pounds in just under two months! Do what is best for you and your body!


Increasing your vertical jumps;

Using a foam roller

This is a very effective and beneficial idea on how to jump higher as well. It does not hurt, and in fact actually feels like a massage.A foam-roller is used to help get the muscle knots out of your leg muscles, or any other muscles, which are also known as “trigger points”.It also helps to lengthen your muscles, making it easier to jump. The directions say to do each spot for about 30 seconds or so, focusing on these muscles in your leg; the calves, IT band and the quads.

Try Bulgarian split squats

You can also try doing Bulgarian split squats. This helps to build strength and workout your legs, which are both very important if you want to be a successful at how to increase your vertical jump.You can do these at home with a dumbbell if you have one. All you have to do, is stand a little away from a table or bench while holding the dumbbell in each hand. Place the top of your foot on the bench and stand up straight with your chest up. Descend backwards until you come close to the ground, and then use the heel of your foot that is on the ground to push yourself back up and into a standing position. It is recommended to do 3 sets of 8 reps for each leg.

Practicing some depth jumps

By practicing your depth jumps, you help build up your inner core and increase your power and spring to jump. The way to do these jumps is to jump off of a box or bench, but when you land you are going to immediately jump back up again after absorbing the shock of the land instead of landing the first time.


Why you should be doing vertical jump training;


Vertical jump training is a very beneficial exercise because it’s one of the only training regimens that focus on your lower extremities, where as most exercises focus on your upper body. It is especially effective if you are an athlete participating in basketball, football and volleyball etc. Being able to jump up higher improves your skills that are needed to achieve athletic goals. A lot of coaches require vertical jump training as part of the teams weekly exercise regimens.

Fitness and exercises

However, it is not only for athletes, anyone can do these effective jumping exercises, whether you are at your home, or you are in the gym.Doing this strengthens your inner core and helps you to have a better spring.

Remember not to force anything on your body that feels wrong and do not be afraid to use those arms! Doing upper body training and raising your arms up have shown to also increase your spring for vertical jumps. You also should not jump from one program to the next, as this will not help you. Trying to learn a whole bunch of things at once results in less effectiveness and you will most likely lose focus because you are overwhelmed. Try to stick with one thing at a time, and once you get the hang of it, move on to something else. Do not overthink or overwork yourself either.

Overthinking a exercise can make it far more difficult than it really is, and all you are doing is making it harder on yourself. Overworking your body is a huge mistake. You never want to push yourself too far, you can make yourself sick or even get an unwanted injury. If you are working out and you start to feel sick, or like something is wrong, immediately stop and rest. It is okay to catch your breath and take a minute, you will still get the same results.

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Your Diet is also important!


Eating a clean and healthy diet will also help to improve your fitness over all, and help you to feel more focused and energized while exercising. Think about it, if you are eating lighter and healthier, then ultimately,you will be more healthier and lighter as well.This is also a great technique on how to jump higher!

Watch your calorie intake, drink A LOT of water, and stay active along with trying these vertical jump training exercises. A good way to watch your calories is to use a calorie tracker on your smart phone or tablet, eat vegetables/fruits as a snack instead of packaged foods, drink one or two cups of water before meals, and use smaller plates, helping you to eat less portions.

Participate in a jump program

 Another beneficial way to increase your vertical jumps, is to try getting into some jump programs that are going on around your area. Some are even online and you can do them at home. A couple I have found to be pretty popular are the Robertson Training System’s, and the Hoops U. Basketball program. But do not join a jump program if you do not intend to finish.

 Do not make these mistakes;

 A lot of people tend to start a training program, and decide a couple weeks later that they do not want to finish. Kind of like the ones you see at the gym every beginning of the year, but then slowly fade out until they just stop showing up completely. You do not want to start your vertical jump training only to stop a short time later, as this has no benefits at all. It is also better for your body to practice and train regularly through the week in order to keep your muscles toned and stretched out.

Once you stop exercising, your muscle start losing mass, resulting in a weaker, and saggier you!! Do not be like those people! Stick to your goals, work hard, and accomplish them. You will feel and look amazing, and you will be a happier person because you were able to achieve your goals.


 Go Hard or go home


If you want to see results, you have to be serious about how to increase your vertical jump and completing your exercise regimens. If you find it hard to find time to fit in your exercise each day, start creating a daily schedule. It has been proven that people who write things down and go by a schedule are much more likely to achieve their goals and get things effectively done. Make a weekly exercise schedule as well, that way you know exactly what to do and on what day to do it.

Do not make excuses, or you will never increase your vertical jump goals. Practicing the vertical jump training can be difficult, but it is doable. Anything that leads to great results is never an easy thing, and most will often give up. If you stay focused and use the tips you have learned, you will be a professional vertical jumper in no time!

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