Vertical jump training – The exercises you can do

Vertical jump training – The exercises you can do

The best way to make yourself, not only to feel light but to actually make real results, is to exercise by doing vertical jump training. It will help you to lose some weight you gained during winter and spring and get you ready for summer because, we know everyone wants to have a perfect body for summer. These methods are mostly used by Basketball players to keep their weight in control, besides being on strict diets and ways of eating food. But keep on your mind, only because you will be working out much more than usually, you won’t be able to eat fast-food, nor skip your daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) which will be the most important in this exercises. Remember to eat healthy food with proteins which would help you to have enough energy.


Some of the jumping exercises


For the many years basketball players were using the same exercises in this article. Not only to improve themselves but to stay in the muscled and stable figure for their professional job. Following thisjumping exercises we are sure they will also help you to improve yourself if you keep doing them at least three times per a week.




Jumping rope might seem too easy, or even too obvious for such a start, but that way you will coordinate your every muscle to work together. Remember, doing this exercise don’t push yourself too hard because you could make your muscles sore.

Don’t skip your rope while doing that exercise. The best way to see that exercise working is by doing a little marathon in a place. That way you won’t be neither bored but in the same time, you will improve your vertical jump.

How to improve rope jumping even more:

  1. Start jumping only on the balls of your feet without touching the ground with your feet.
  2. Jumping too high will make you to lose energy too fast.
  3. Most important, make you own tempo.




Squads are main exercise to help you how to jump higher. To do squads correctly, you have to keep your feet on the wide position as your shoulders – because that way while pushing yourself up you will have to put more effort in it. Keep your arms stretched in front of yourself and your back straight the whole time. The first few times you can do squads against the wall if you are beginner so the wall will help you to keep your back to stay in straight position..

For improving results with squads, you may do them while holding weights in your hands the whole time. (QUICK TIP: If you don’t have enough money to buy weights, you may make your own by filling empty bottles with sand.) In this case, you have to be considered not to lose your grip because if you do, your arms, shoulder and arms won’t give you wanted results.

Don’t forget to walk straightly on daily basis since they are one of the main jump exercises. They are just as important as your legs during the squads. Plus, it will help you with vertical jumpsmuch more.

They are the most important to improve your muscles – especially Hamstrings, Adductors, Quadriceps, Gastrocnemius, Soleus, and Tibialis anterior (muscles in your lower parts and upper parts of legs). The most important you will sweat which will make you lose all of the bad weight you gained recently. With time you will be able to see that’s the best exercise which trains your soul, mind and body in the same time.

If you ever wondering how women lately are having a lot tighter legs and much bigger Gluteus maximus, they are doing squads.




If you are a beginner, here are a few quick tips how to do them:

  1. Stand straightly with your feet together and hands pressed on your sides. Keep on your mind you have to keep your chin a little bit up, back straight and keep your breathing normal.
  2. In the moment you jump by spreading your legs, raise your arms up and clap above your head.
  3. Jump back to the straight position. You can always make you own pace. But faster you go, better results you will get.

Doing Jack jumps you will help you to lose unwanted weight and to warm up the muscles for vertical jumps which are important for actually doing good vertical jumps. Also, they will help you how to increase your vertical.

vertical jump training 3c



Using your arms you will be able to make yourself into thinking you are vertically jumping much higher.Plus, you may use them to touch tips of toes before jumping to stretch your thighs and back lower muscles on legs.

In this exercise you will use only your flexibility. Before working out, this are the exercises you may use to improve your body flexibility:

  1. Stretch as much as you can so your muscles would get enough warm for working out.
  2. Sit on the flat floor with crossed legs. Stretch your arms in front of yourself as much as you can while touching the floor the whole time. With the time, you will be capable of doing it longer and further without your muscles shaking (if you are beginner).
  3. Do the second exercise but with legs stretched in front of yourself. At first it will take longer to consider it as a comfortable position. But keep in mind this will help you how to increase your vertical jump and not only your flexibility.
  4. Stand up with your feet pressed against each other and stretch your hands up to the air like you are reaching for the sky. Don’t move your heels from the ground at any moment while doing it because that way, this part of stretching will be useless.


Improve your jumps


With this exercises you will be able to improve yourself even more if you feel the need to. This exercises aren’t for beginners.




During this exercise you have to put platform high till your waist or to the middle of your belly. Step in front of it, spread your legs to be on the wide position, swing with your arms to the frons and as you swing your arms, jump on the top of the platform. This exercise you will have to repeat for five-six times.




Put the platform high till the half of your thigh, then step back from it. You will have to jump over the platform so it’s important for you to be very careful while doing it. After you jump over the platform, you have to do the tuck jump – while doing those jumps you have to raise your feet as high as you can. You have to do that part of exercise for at least four times.




In this exercise you have to jump on one leg as high as you can. Even it will be hard, It is part of jump program which will help you to work your muscles a bit more than usually. You may jump first on one leg for two times, then switch the legs. Make your own rhythm so you wouldn’t make your muscles sore.




While jumping place your legs to land on one knee. Your arms will help you to be balanced the whole time while doing those exercise. Also, don’t land too hard so you wouldn’t hurt your knee cups. Landing on your tops of your toes will help you much more.




Place the platform high till your knees behind yourself. As you step on the platform, jump from it, then jump as high as you can but keep your feet together. After you have do that, try to jump back on the platform behind yourself. If you can’t do that, it is fine only to climb on the platform by having your back turned to it. Do this exercise for five times.

vertical jump training 3b



In this exercise you have to be near some wall. While doing vertical jumps, you have to jump as high as you can and touch the highest pint of the wall. It will help you to see the progress, plus it will help you to see if you are capable of jumping as high as you want to. The best way to push yourself is by marking really high point which you will have to touch every time you jump. You have to do that exercise for five times. After all, it matters how to how to increase your vertical.




Place the platform high till the middle of your thighs in front of yourself. As you are jumping, you have to land on the platform with one leg. In this exercise would be good to switch the legs with every repeat. Do this exercise for two times with each leg.




This time you will need to sit on the platform high till the half of your thighs. Sit on it, then as you stand up on it, you have to jump as high as you can. Doing that exercise for four times, it will make your muscles much warmer than usually. The is one of the challenging part of the vertical jump training




Make every day important by with each day making responsible for one part of the body because that way it will help you how to increase your vertical jump and make it much more interesting.

Monday: Jump training

Tuesday: Back

Wednesday: Jump training

Thursday: Do the flexibility exercises

Friday: Legs

Saturday: Jump training

Sunday: Shoulders and arms

On Monday it’s important for you to train to exercises for beginner especially if you are at beginning. That way you won’t only use weight but your muscles will be much more prepared for the whole week. Don’t skip those exercise only because it’s boring.

Tuesdays are made for you to work on your back. Some of the ways to work on your back is by doing pull-ups with wide grip, push-ups and one-arm dumbbell row. In a less than a two weeks, you will be able to see the results.

On Wednesday you are able to do a little bit harder exercises like for professionals. Don’t push yourself too hard because that way you will make you muscles sore and it won’t get any results which you expected because of the pain. Remember that the pain isn’t the part of the jump program.

Thursday is pretty good to start working on your flexibility. By doing those exercises it will make you feel much better. In less than two months you will see exult results. Your health will be much better. Plus, for sure, it will make you happier to see yourself doing so much better some regular daily things.

On Fridays make your legs to look perfect. Also, if you want better results, you may start to go to work and around the town on bike. It’s no secret that riding a bike will make your weight to disappear.

On Saturdays you may mix two types of jumping exercises. It will be much interesting for you. Don’t push yourself too hard.

Sundays you may take things easier than usually. Still, you have to work on your arms and shoulders because that way you will be able to improve yourself and the grip. The grip is as much as important as everything else in this process.





Remember to test yourself on the very beginning of this exercises so you could see actual results. Every week, you will see better and better results which are going to make you proud of yourself. At first, you might be able to touch just an inch away, but with time, result will be surprising for sure. This vertical jump test will help you to look at everything much objectively:


  1. Before improving your jumping, place your hand on the wall stretching it as much as you can. Mark the line above your middle finger on the wall.
  2. Jump as high as you can. In this case you will need a friend to memorize where was the highest point you touched the wall. After your friend marks it you will be able to see how the whole process goes.
  3. After a week of daily training the exercises in the article you will to the first two steps on the same way to see your results. Don’t worry if it will take you more than two weeks to see the actual results.

By every week, results will be getting better and better so be patient and work hard on your jump program.

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