How valuable it is to utilize the vertical jump test in any sport

How valuable it is to utilize the vertical jump test in any sport

If you love watching TV or playing an indoor game and maybe beach volley ball, you might have observed how some of the players jump over those nets. To your amusement, it might have seemed impossible. Yet, the players maintain that consistency over the entire period that the game will be on. The players utilize their vertical jump training sessions to weaken the opponents at any given chance they get.

  1. Heights and success in sports career

In most of the sports participated worldwide , they all involve soaring to greater heights in the forms of jumping high as well as long jumping. Even though the sports are majorly the field events and come up once in a while or a few times in a year, we are able to enjoy basketball as well as volleyball quite often. For an athlete, jump test will be of a great deal when it comes to taking advantage of the defense team for a score and eventual win. The ability to jump is widespread across all games involvement. A football player will utilize the jump to make a faster move away from the defense. In soccer, during a penalty shoot-out, the player who will jump high will clinch the ball with his head for a score. The same case is for baseball; those with the jump skills will always take the advantage of winning balls coming up against the walls, of which others lack that ability. It is more evident in tennis. The most successful and advanced players in the field are the high jumpers , regardless of the heights , even though the tall players sometimes outshines the latter. Jumping is very essential for sports figures as it allows each and every one of them to make another movement that might be somewhat not possible while stuck on the pitch.

Increasing your vertical jump in basketball

One of the most important skills that most basketball players would want to master if asked is the skill on how to jump higher. The ability to increase the vertical push upwards is a most sought out skill and most especially in a manner that the force applied is exerted in the least amount of time possible; in order to secure a goal. The trick behind a powerful jump in most sporting exercise is to apply maximum force in the shortest time possible for excellent results. Many people would have the perception that your all-inclusive body strength is the force behind a higher jump, however, this may not be entirely true. The trick is continued training and mastering the method to stock up your energy and exploding in a jump in the shortest time possible. It is amazing how every individual has a great amount of pent up energy that is untapped. The only way to increase the vertical jump for an athlete is to be very agile and flexible. The following tips are most essential and suited for a basketball player.

 vertical jump training 1b

Build your muscle strength

While cardio exercises are good for an athlete as they increase the stamina on the field. Strength training and muscle building exercises are also essential for optimum performance. In this regard leg training exercises that focus on the muscles are most suited to increase the vertical jump. Given a scenario where one athlete is more agile and can use a great deal of lean power over a long period of time and another who does not have the ability to use lean power but can sustain muscle pressure over a long period of time and lean power limited to a short period of time. The second athlete will be more productive than the first. So exercises that can assist the first athlete to sustain exertion over a long period of time include  jumping exercises. Additionally these exercises must exert a substantial amount of force that will focus mainly on building the muscle strength.

Gain overall effect by accumulation of force

Most exercises have a building and peak moment. The ultimate joy for an athlete is being able to reach his/her peak in the course or at the end of his exercise program. When an athlete performs certain exercises such as lunges and squats they may reach their peak after a period of about one second, however when jumping higher the peak moment reaches after about 0.5 seconds. This occurs when the athlete lands on his feet and propels himself higher. The exercise must be done in an appropriate manner in order to avoid risk of injury. The only way the athlete can achieve optimum fore is by joining a vertical jump program.

Be in sync with your muscles

One of the most technical movements that any living being can maneuver is to jump in a coordinated manner. This means that you should be able to issue messages to your muscles to light up and in a synchronized manner lift you up off of the ground to the most vertical height. When the body sums up a great amount of force, a lot of energy is bound to be used in short period of time. Therefore, being fit and agile is of utmost importance. For a basketball player this means that even after running round the course for a continual period.  Vertical jump exercises should therefore be incorporated into the athlete’s training in order not to stun the muscles when playing, risking the possibility of injury.

Practicability of the vertical jump in the field

Jumping exercises is an indispensable aspect for triumph in any sport. In some of the field event sports, the ability to jump is quite understated. An example is in the art of throwing a javelin. The sportsman takes a run and then they propel themselves upward and eventually forwards javelin in an ultimate, sturdy thrust. Were it not for the jump program constantly followed by the athlete, the javelin would end up falling in the next few meters, way behind what is expected from a non-participant.

Improving your vertical jump as a javelin thrower

The sport of javelin throwing incorporates a number of body movements among them is vertical jumps that are very essential for a further javelin throw. As an athlete engaging in the sport of javelin throwing the following test may prove essential in measuring how far your vertical jump is. In order to carry out the test here are some of the simple equipment you will need namely;

  • A vertical stable surface area
  • Measuring equipment
  • An elevated move able surface
  • A marking item such as a pen
  • A person to help in measuring

The exercise can be done anywhere and by any athlete who may want to engage in vertical jump training at home.  The exercise is simple and is just used for measuring purposes to establish how far you can jump. The athlete can begin with a brief warming up exercise such a stretching your muscles. He or she can then mark the tips of their fingers with a pen whose ink does not dry up fast and is heavy. The athlete should then position himself or herself close to the vertical stable surface area and stretch his arm with the marked fingers and mark on the vertical surface area. The athlete then makes a jump and makes a marking on the highest point that his stretched arm can reach. The person helping in measuring can then measure the difference between the marked point when standing and when jumping up. In order to ensure that the measurements are correct you can repeat the exercise for about four more times and get the mean for each. This method should be the preliminary activity that any athlete does when looking for ways on how to increase your vertical jump.

There are some influencing factors that may affect the ability of one to jump higher and they include the weight of the person and the muscle strength.


Weight as a factor influencing the vertical jump of a javelin thrower

A person, who weighs more than the average for his height, may find it difficult to jump higher since their legs have to accommodate the extra weight once they land. A person who weighs less may not find it that difficult to jump high. However, it highly depends on the agility and flexibility of the person jumping. If the muscles are stiff due to lack of exercise, attempting to jump high may be lead to injury and may cause a muscle pull or a stiff ankle. Heavier persons may find the vertical jump exercises even more fulfilling if they are more active and flexible. Nevertheless this does not warrant you to add on a few more pounds, because obesity can hinder your optimum performance and lead to lifestyle diseases.

Most of the javelin throwers are not as lean as other runner counter parts; they are usually much heavier because they need a lot of energy to produce the most force. The javelin throw involves a series of compacted movements which include a vertical jump. Therefore, for a javelin thrower to know how to increase vertical jump they must have the force required to throw the farthest.

Benefits of lifting weights to aid in jumping

When it comes to weight lifting, the preeminent snatchers besides jerkers are known to possess the highest vertical leap. The amount of weight in the lifts is dependent on the vertical explosive finish in order to lift them from the platform. This jumping exercise explains how the athletes finish of the grasp, fresh and jolt to add more power into the bar besides also giving them a stretch to move under it. Most of the coaches leading teams around the world recognize the fact that lifting weights builds up to increase the vertical jump program and ability over time. The upward thrust is built on lifting of weights and it facilitates a 5 feet basketball player to dunk a 9 feet net.

Effective methods to use in weight training

The secret behind the success of any training program is the method that is incorporated to complete the exercise. For there to be improvement in jumping through weight training, you should be able to incorporate the following exercises in sequence with the weight training and Vertical jump training at home. Deep sit squats, forward and side swept lunges and calf raising. The exercise should be done in short spurts with the use of heavy exercising material such as 1kg dumbbells. The exercises should be repetitive a 10 sets of 4-4 squats, followed by 10 lunges and calf raise and afterwards a two minute break. The exercise will help you work on your calf, your thighs and all the lower body parts that help in jumping.

The purpose of these exercises is to increase muscle power, however, this poses as a disadvantage as it decreases the range of movement of the athlete. For those who are just starting out their exercise programs this may prove beneficial by loosening up their muscles and increasing their agility and flexibility. The exercise will be less beneficial over a long period of time because it may lead you to slow down, so you should incorporate some cardio training exercises that build lean muscle that do not tire over a long period of time.

Practicing powerful weight training

For those looking for ways of how to increase your vertical jump with the use of weights this may be the most appropriate exercise. Powerful weight training like jump squats with the use of weights not only increases strength but also increases resistance. The exercises need speed that can match up with strength. For those whose passion is body building jerking and grasping on the weights, lifting the weights in quick motion and raising the whole body to an upright position requires some form of vertical jump training. It may require consistent exercise and training from a qualified professional such as an exercise coach.


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